Backsplash Installation

Pricing found in the menu are not final and are intended to provide the median cost possible for your area. We do not do pricing by phone, you must schedule an estimate to determine the total cost of your project.

Backsplash InstallationScreened TileStaggered
No Design
12.00 & up
per sq. ft.
Backsplash InstallationPremium TileInstall Design16.00 & up
per sq. ft.
Wall Tile InstallationAny TileNo design13.50 & up
per sq. ft.
Wall Tile Installation Any Tile Install Design16.00 & up
per sq. ft.
Backsplash Installation cost info

Installation Of Tile

Wall tile and backsplash are an important feature to any home. There are may shapes and sizes and styles to choose from ceramic , porcelain and marble being a very small few.. Adding tile to walls in your kitchen or walls in your rooms can upgrade the value of your home. Designs can come pre designed in the tile you buy or you can ask that a design be installed by your installer at your request using the tiles you purchase.

Installing Designs

Installing designs can be time consuming and labor intense when designs are complexed or spaced over large areas and causes the charge to differ in contrast to a standard installation of tile. However, this feature in a home adds the elegance and premium upgrade that will make any home stand out and provide an upscale atmosphere to the observer.

Tile cost can vary widely from 1.20 per sq. ft. up to 38.99 or more per sq. ft. depending on what tile you purchase to have your desired look installed in your home. The above table pricing is not final so call our office to have a an estimate for your project and we’ll get you started with your upgrade today by going over your options for your home.

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